Welcome to the website about baking, chocolate and gourmet foods.

Here you will find a lot of information about baking in general, about individual ingredients and their history.

Baking is very different from other types of cooking. When you are preparing a meal on the stove, you can simply stick your spoon in and taste it. Then you can add different spices and perform actions on the food based on how it looks and tastes.

You can’t really do any of this with baking. You need to go from A to Z, to start the process and drive it to full completion before you can assess the results.

This leads to very little room for errors. This is also the reason why baking is not just art, but also precise chemical science. While most pastry chefs do develop a lot of specialised skills and use their experience to judge doughs, batters and mixtures, they also use a lot of tools such as scales, precise thermometers and measuring cups and spoons.

The presence of water and other substances can have a dramatic impact on the results of baking. Sometimes water is an essential ingredient and sometimes it can ruin the results of baking.

The most important assets for baking are experience, common sense, talent and ability to follow exact instructions.

Just like with many other occupations, baking usually starts with mastering the basics and learning the fundamentals. Do not try to experiment in the beginning. Follow all the instructions precisely and learn what works. Once you do that, you can move to creating, improving and tweaking. The goal of this website is to help you during all these steps of the process.