The Female Casino Awards 2017 – The chocolate centrepiece

 This year the 2017 female casino awards were held in Paris and what a sensational evening it truly was! The main star f the show was, a new rising star in the casino world and they took home new operator of the year!

But we are not a blog about gambling or casino’s we are a blog about the most important thing in women’s lives – chocolate. So, why were we so interested in this award show, well, mainly because of the 12 foot high chocolate sculpture of the Eiffel Tower! That is right, 12 feet of splendid dark chocolate at a percent of 70% cocoa and infused with chilli, this piece of art had more of a kick to it than you would expect.

The artist is Donald Williams, he has been working with chocolate for almost 20 years and went into show stopping sculptures around 5 years ago.

“I have always loved chocolate, since I was a small child and my mum used to give us one piece a week, we were lucky as chocolate was expensive at the time. I love the smell, the look and the feel, I love how people go insane for the stuff and so I made it my life passion and profession”

– Donald Williams

Well Mr Williams, we are certainly glad you did! We hope to see more of your pieces in the coming years!